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Meet Our Team:


The Muffin Man

Jordan is the owner of Big Franks Bakery and has Celiac disease himself. He is passionate about helping people with autoimmune diseases and creating yummy and safe GF baked goods.

Favorite Big Franks Flavor: Chocolate Sprinkle Donut Muffin

Favorite Hobbies: Video games, running, triathlons, watching any sports



The Muffin Mom

Debbie is the bakery's Head Baker and Recipe Maker, and is Jordan's mom. She loves trying fun new recipes and has many recipes that she's perfected over the years. She loves her husband, children and her dogs!

Favorite Big Franks Flavor: Ginger Lime Muffin

Favorite Hobbies: Walking her 3 dogs, sewing, crafting, bird watching



Big Frank

This is the man behind the bakery's name. Franklin is Jordan and his wife Amanda's 3 year old spunky french bulldog.

Favorite Big Franks Flavor: not allowed to eat human food

Favorite Hobbies: Chewing toys, eating, farting, walking

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